View of Merrion Square deserted footpath.

Merrion Square

Merrion Square’ documents everyday life over the course of one day in a park in Dublin. It is location and time specific, taken during the daytime in Summer and with a focus on the organic environment within the park.

Merrion Square’  is a timelapse sequence of 802 individual photographs with 18 scenes. Process plays a vital role in the creation of each of her sequences. Time is not a factor as she lets events unfold as they happen, uncontrolled. She stands back, waits, deliberately having people out of focus. This enable her to freely document events without having to interfere with the scene by making the incidental people that walk through each scene aware of her presence. The events that unfolds is everyday life. Limited edition archival pigment prints of each image available on request.

Exhibited as part of a group exhibition titled ‘The Gathering’, in 2010 at Mill Street Studios, Dublin, Ireland.