Black and white photo of a pathway in Recoletta cemetery with people exploring the graveyard in the background

Recoleta Cementario

The Recoleta Cemetery is located in the exclusive neighbourhood of Recoleta in Buenos Aires City.

It was built in 1822 as the first public cemetery in the city and its layout is the work of French engineer Prospero Catelin. Among those buried in the Cementerio de la Recoleta include political leaders, Argentinian presidents, writers, Nobel Prize winners, athletes and businessmen.

It is the most visited city, for its numerous and impressive mausoleums and vaults belonging to many of the major players in Argentina’s history, like that of Eva Peron (Evita), one of the busiest graves. Also worth a visit for their architectural value, since it is a sign of the times when the country was emerging economic power and major city families competed to build splendid vaults. Many of the vaults and mausoleums were the work of important architects and are adorned with marble sculptures; more than 90 vaults have been declared a National Historic Landmark.